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Our Delivery Policy

We make every possible effort to personally deliver your purchase to the requested recipient but sometimes this is not possible. Our delivery drivers will attempt delivery between 8AM and 8PM. We do not guarantee deliveries at any particular time of the day without speaking to our shop in advance. We generally require a signature on all deliveries left with a person. We may leave deliveries on a porch or with a neighbor and will tag the recipients' door. Deliveries will be left at the drivers' discretion. For a delivery to a business, hospital or school, it is customary to leave it at a reception desk for actual delivery later.

We deliver your gift locally using many different methods. We have hourly employees, independent contractors that use our vehicles and use independent delivery services that specialize in floral and balloon delivery.  We have also recently started using DoorDash and Postmates for delivery of our baloon bouquets.  Because most of our delivery drivers are paid on a per delivery basis, changes to address information once the delivery has left the building or incorrect addresses resulting in a re-delivery may be subject to a $10.00 charge.

While we recognize that most deliveries are meant to be a surprise, it is sometimes necessary to contact the recipient to get further delivery instructions. It is our belief that it is more important for the delivery to be successfully completed.

We will not be responsible for any order where the recipient refuses to accept the item. We will not issue refunds in this case. We will also not issue refunds where delivery was accepted at the delivery location, but the recipient for some reason did not get your gift. An example of this would be a delivery to the recipient's job while they are out of town for the week.


Additional Delivery Policies

Sunday & Holiday Deliveries

We are closed many State and Federal Holidays.  Deliveries on those days must be scheduled at least 48 hours in advance over the phone with a real person.  We are closed on Sunday, we may however deliver on Sunday if scheduled with a real person over the phone 48 hours in advance.  Please note that simply placing an order for a day we are closed does not guarantee a delivery.  You must speak with someone to confirm.  Our web order system will allow you to but it will also allow you to order for delivery on February 31st, it's simply not very complicated. Afterall, we are delivering balloons not life critical items and the expense to develop a sophisticated order system would only result in higher prices..

School Deliveries

Some schools do not allow delivery of balloons to students.  Those that do generally require that balloons be delivered to the school office.  We are not responsible if the school does not allow the student to have their balloons prior to the end of the school day or if the balloon are delivered and the school fails to contact the recipient.  Please contact the school once you receive a delivery confirmation from us.

Hospital Deliveries

Almost all hospitals only allow foil or mylar balloons.  We will substitute foil balloons if you select a bouquet that contains latex balloons.  We will contact the hospital prior to delivery to ensure that the recipent is allowed balloons.  If needed we will contact the customer for further instructions if the patient is not allowed balloons or has been discharged.

Hotel Deliveries

Most hotels only allow us to deliver to the front desk, concierge or bell desk.  We can not be held responsible when the hotel does not deliver to the room.  If you recieve a delivery confirmation from us and have not heard from the recipient please contact the hotel directly.

Business Deliveries

 We generally only deliver to the front desk of businesses.  At large business with a "campus" we will deliver to the building the recipient is in.  We will deliver to the main reception area in business that occupy more than one floor of an office building.  Most business do not allow us to deliver directly to the recipent.  If you recieve a delivery confirmation from us and have not heard from the recipient please contact the business directly.

Anonynous Deliveries

We do not make anonymous deliveries.  We do send cards with no signature if requested.  If we are contacted by the recipeint we will only reveal the NAME of the sender.  We do not disclose the senders address or phone number.  We will reveal the senders name and contact information to police agencies.





We do offer express delivery for an additional charge.  Please contact us at 800-882-6860 for availability.  

Please remember correct phone numbers and addresses help us in meeting your requests. Please double check all information you provide us.

Changes to address information or incorrect addresses after the order has been placed resulting in a re-delivery may be subject to a $10.00 charge.