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How To Order

Option 1 - The easy way! 

Order a Premade bouquet and Upgrade if you wish.


Option 2 - Order a Custom Bouquet!

You select each Balloon balloon and add it to the cart.  You must also select a weight or anchor.  I'ts a little more work for you but you get exactly what you want.  You will notice that individual balloons do NOT have a delivery date option or a card option.  A weight must be ordered in rder to specify a delivery date.  Our least expensive option is theater candy or microwave popcorn.  Candy is included with all bouquets.  Our balloon weights can be found  here Theater Candy or here Microwave Popcorn or here Foil Covered Balloon Weight

Option 3 - Call Us at 503-285-0000!

We will talk you through your order over the phone or even take your order by phone.  We are here weekdays from 9:30AM to 4:00PM.  We close Saturday at noon and are closed on Sunday.  We do have an old fashioned answering machine that flashes at us when we arrive in the morning to let us know you have called.