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Due to the current nationwide helium shortage we do not have any helium tanks available for rent.


We currently rent only two sizes of helium cylinder and they are an aluminum 60 cubit foot cylinder and an steel 80 cubic foor cylinder.  The aluminum tanks are easy to transport, weigh just slightly less than 30 pounds and are just under 30 inches tall.  Each tank comes with a valve for filling latex or foil balloons or one that will both as requested.   The rental price is $75.00 for a one week period for the 60 cubic foot tank and $95.00 for the 80 cubic foot helium tank.  Each 60 cubic foot rental helium tank should fill slightly more than 50 11" latex balloons.  These tanks are filled to about 1700PSI and are rated for 1800PSI.  We recommend that the helium cylinders are tied down when carried in a vehicle.  When the helium cylinders are used in a public place it is recommended that they are secured so they do not fall.  The tanks must be used upright. 

Latex balloons are available in a variety of colors for 25 cents with a tank rental and curling ribbon is included.

A valid credit or debit card and a copy of a current government issued ID is required as a deposit.