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How To Order

Option 1 - The easy way! 

Order a Premade bouquet and Upgrade if you wish.


Option 2 - Order a Custom Bouquet!

You select each Balloon balloon and add it to the cart.  You must also select a weight or anchor.  I'ts a little more work for you but you get exactly what you want.  You will notice that individual balloons do NOT have a delivery date option or a card option.  A weight must be ordered in rder to specify a delivery date.  Our least expensive option is theater candy or microwave popcorn and is only $1.50.  Candy or popcorn is included with all bouquets.  Our $1.50 balloon weights can be found  here Theater Candy or here Microwave Popcorn

Option 3 - Call Us at 503-285-0000!

We are here weekdays from 9:30AM to 4:00PM.  We will talk you through your order.